About dkl9

By dkl9, written 2023-170, revised 2023-234 (7 revisions)

dkl9's third character is the letter L, not the digit 1.

§ Who?

dkl9-the-person (i.e. "me") runs dkl9.net and makes most of its content (exceptions indicated; c.f. "Content by others" section). I'm a STEM nerd, amateur philosopher, minimalist, enthusiast, and slight madman.

If you think you know my real name, check it:

§ What?

Some documents (about education, puns, probability theory, and much more), Memoire (a studying program), a list of Desmos graphs, RTensor (a formula calculator), and more. Ultimately: whatever I (or my coauthors) make and decide to share here.

§ When?

dkl9.net started on 2023-170, tho the ideas behind it had been coalescing for several years before. You can see when it was last updated by the dates at the top of pages. Hopefully, I'm still updating it, and that date is recent.

§ Where?

I and the servers are in the eastern United States.

§ Why?

I write recreational essays, originally (and sometimes also now) to give thorough answers to questions I'm often asked. Having a straightforward and dignified way to share them was the original motive for the website, but those aren't the only things on it.

§ How?

Markdown converted to HTML with my static site generator and served over HTTPS.

§ Content by others

dkl9.net may host content by people other than dkl9 if it follows the (lax) style guide and isn't any of

Contact dkl9 if you want to do this.

§ Pronunciation

You can spell it out as /di.keɪ.εl.naɪn/, or merge dkl into the word "deckle" as /'dεk.əl.naɪn/, or treat the 9 as P and pronounce it like "deck leap" /dεk.lip/.

§ Contact

Send email to contact@dkl9.net.

If you're unsure whether to do so, err on the side of "yes". I want to hear from you.