Voluntarily bald: initial results

By dkl9, written 2024-135, revised 2024-135 (0 revisions)

A month ago, I asked my hairdresser — for the first time — to shave all my hair and make me bald. She did so, after hesitantly discouraging me, leaving less than a millimetre of hair. I wore a casual hat for a couple weeks afterward, to protect against sunlight and reduce others' shock. The obvious result is a different appearance, which seems to have played out well, in my case. There were a few more surprising results.

While near-bald, I more sensitively noticed the temperature of the air around me. Sweat on my scalp felt more prominent and excessive, whether due to an actual increase or just an abrupt sensory change.

Walking while bald often feels faster than walking with substantial hair. I'd think this purely perceptual, but the effect is weaker with a hat on, as if I instinctively walk faster to flee people who might judge me negatively.

My hair has grown back to about a centimetre in just a month. This is close to the standard hair-growth rate, but it looks very fast when the starting point is baldness. I conclude that consistently-bald people are so naturally or shave their heads often.

People accustomed to me (and most peers) having substantial hair asked me why I had my head shaved. The original, long reason is that for some years, I have found hair annoying, and so figured the ideal amount is zero. The also-true, funnier reason I often gave is that I'm becoming a monk.

Being bald has turned out well, and I will return to that state at my next haircut.