Experimental lifestyles

By dkl9, written 2023-198, revised 2023-198 (0 revisions)

For any lifestyle X (or lifestyle component, or methodology), there may exist a corresponding lifestyle of "experimental X". One follows an experimental lifestyle by being willing to try weird things to take the original principles further.

That is, an experimental lifestyle is a domain-specific methodology analogous to the singularity mindset.

A typical minimalist keeps a single pair of shoes. The experimental minimalist tries not wearing any shoes.

A typical altruist gives to local charity. The experimental altruist — well, they already exist, look at the examples.

A typical intellectual reads some books and writes some papers. The experimental intellectual tries distilling everything they learn to spaced repetition.

A typical athlete plays some sports and does some workouts. The experimental athlete seeks a physically active, similarly-efficient alternative to arbitrary tasks.

A typical programmer develops code for their job. The experimental programmer hacks together an automation for almost any informational task they want to do.

Some of my examples may be wrong and stupid. I only follow so many principles experimentally, and wouldn't know what someone taking it seriously would try.