Zen Juddhaism

By dkl9, written 2024-086, revised 2024-086 (0 revisions)

This is a joke taken too far, especially given that I am devoutly educated in neither Zen Buddhism nor Judaism.

§ People

Shakyamuni Buddha is to Moses as Bodhidharma is to Joshua as Huineng is to David as Dogen is to Ezekiel as monk is to kohen.

§ Texts

The Lotus Sutra is to Torah as Shobogenzo is to Ezekiel as The Gateless Barrier is to Ecclesiastes as Blue Cliff Record is to Psalms.

§ Practices

Zazen is to prayer as Uposatha is to Shabbat as Shavuot is to sesshin as Simchat Torah is to kinhin.

§ Concepts

Buddha-nature is to Hashem as atman is to the soul as the Five Precepts are to the Ten Commandments as dharma is to halakha as dukkha is to yetzer hara as samsara is to gehinnom as metta is to chessed.