Why I laugh so loudly

By dkl9, written 2024-087, revised 2024-087 (0 revisions)

I often laugh very loudly and distinctively, only sometimes in response to things others understand as funny. It scares some people and amuses others. It can take very little to trigger that laugh, but it needs more than just a command, so I still lack a recording and can only describe it with words for now.

The obvious explanation, as you should have guessed already, is that I just have a distorted perception of humour. More things are funny to me than most, and I experience humour more intensely than most.

Actually, I have an obscure lung condition. I am medically advised to exercise my lungs regularly by a process similar to laughter. Doing it upon encountering humour makes for a good cover-story: that this is how I normally laugh. Doing it at other, more serious times, when it still sounds like a laugh, breaks the illusion.

Actually, others' laughter sometimes causes me to laugh more. This contagion applies to most people. My quirk here is processing my own laughter the same as anyone else's. Hearing my laugh makes me laugh more. This quickly amplifies my laugh to an overwhelming maximum, like audio feedback on a poorly-configured microphone.

Actually, the laugh serves to erase short-term memory. Hearing such a loud, sustained noise floods any other words from my phonological loop, and prevents me from breaking my own mind with verbal viruses I say. You'd usually learn a technique like that in combination with certain mind-breaking methods, so as to use them safely on others. Laughing as such remains a habit from the times when I had to regularly hack human brains by speech.

Actually, part of my brain is a silicon-based computer. To keep it at a safe temperature, it needs to cool down with a fan. The fan is set up with the rest of my body to resemble laughter when it runs. Computers with loud fans vary the fan speed (and hence loudness) according to the load on the processor. Most of the time, a fan is near-silent. Much of the time when the fan is audible, it's reached maximum speed, after a brief increase, and stays like that until the processor load goes away. That pattern closely matches patterns in my laugh.

Actually, all explanations given here are (at least partly) jokes and lies. The real origin of my crazy laugh remains largely a mystery.