Fake creativity

By dkl9, written 2023-211, revised 2023-211 (0 revisions)

I am not creative. That may look false to you, if you see my other documents, or other things I do, and think of them as original and creative. Hence this essay. (If it looks true to you, there's no new claim to convince you of here, but these musings might nevertheless be interesting.)

I never come up with anything novel or unexpected. All I do is observe things, and apply one of a set of pre-understood logical principles to turn things into other things, as guided by a problem. If there is a destination โ€” if there is an intent for something to be solved โ€” I will likely get there, but I cannot go in a new direction unguided by the world's provocation.

If my creations look creative, it is only sith the rules I applied to move thru the space of ideas were different from the ones you're used to. Never do I think truly outside the box โ€” instead, deeply inside the box, just a different box from you.

As for some apparent counterexamples:

Anyone who learned a similar background to me could come up with the same solutions to each problem I encountered for my innovations. At no point do I use a mysterious mechanism of creativity.

ยง As for everyone else

What do other people do in place of this? Whether uniform to everyone else or varying by the individual, I see a few options. I know not which is accurate.

If inscrutable creativity does exist, as some suggest, I would want it. Tho the change is not a particular priority, and may be impossible by current knowledge, accessing such a mechanism may be preferable to my current seemingly-algorithmic mind.